Jerry Cosgrove Helps Local Farmers Excel

Jerry CosgroveJerry Cosgrove was born and raised on a dairy farm in Clinton, N.Y., where he developed his love for agriculture. His passion for agriculture developed at a young age when he started learning about farming while getting life experience and working on his family’s fourth generation farm. Today, Jerry does not farm much, but he is deeply involved with local farming and is presently the Director of an organization called Local Economies.

The Local Economies Project is closely tied to Hudson Valley Farms and work towards sustainable farming that can be done locally without ruining the environment. He believes that local food should stay local and that farmers should sell their products at local levels. A local food system would guarantee that your food is always fresh and straight off of the farm.

Small farms are being shut down at record rates and big corporations are taking over all the farm land. In today’s economy it is hard to support a small farm and compete with the conglomerates that have endless amounts of money and power. These companies can control prices and put small businesses in situations where they simply cannot compete.

Farm families, which were once engrained in our culture, are disappearing as industrial growers are taking over the market. Jerry Cosgrove is looking to change this, he believes that farming should consist of local and fresh products.

When people have a question about farming or agriculture they go to Jerry. His years of experience and proven reputation make him the go to guy for anything related to agriculture. Jerry has many ties to the local community and helps promote local and sustainable agriculture.

Jerry Cosgrove Supports Local Agriculture In A Variety Of Ways

New Farmers – Jerry has witnessed the struggles that farmers go through first hand. He has put his time in on the farm and has studied agriculture since he was young. His life revolves around agriculture and he genuinely wants local farmers to succeed.

Jerry understands the importance of local community farms and encourages farmers to join organizations that influence political policies towards agriculture. He also encourages networking and learning from other people. It is important to have a strong network if you want to compete with industrial farming.

Local Organizations – Jerry was the president of an organization called the HVDAC. This organization focuses on implementing sustainable farming in the Hudson Valley. This organization helps with influencing New York’s policies towards agriculture and farming. Jerry is no longer working for the organization, but he still works closely with them regularly.

Jerry has recently started wording with Land For Good which is a nonprofit that helps educate people about agriculture. He mostly work on issues concerning land conservation and farm transfer.

Agricultural expert Jerry Cosgrove believes that a strong knit farming community can serve the public better than an industrial farmer. Jerry Cosgrove helps the farming community through any means possible. His impact on farmers and people who buy their product is unmatched by anybody. Jerry Cosgrove’s services help make the community a better place by helping the local farmers who feed them.

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