Jerry Cosgrove: Conservation Supporter

Jerry CosgroveAmerican Farmland Trust (AFT), based inWashington,D.C., is the nation’s leading conservation organization. Jerry Cosgrove is proud to have worked there for 15 years. He even hired David Haight,New Yorkdirector, and Cris Coffin,New Englanddirector. Cosgrove keeps in constant communication with many of his colleagues. He is also an avid supporter of the organization, established in 1980.

What does American Farmland Trust do?

The organization works diligently to save farm and ranch land in theUnited States. In addition, the group strives to promote farming practices that are not harmful to the environment. More than 3 million acres of farmland is now preserved, thanks to American Farmland Trust. Many entities are also instilling conservation practices to protect farmland.

What are some of AFT’s programs?

  • Farmland Protection – Focuses on keeping American farms and ranches safe
  • Agriculture & Environment – Assists farmers with water quality issues and climate changes while not losing any revenue sources
  • Growing Local – Supports local agriculture while boastingAmerica’s food and farming system.

Who supports ATF?

ATF is fortunate to have supporters, like environmentalist Jerry Cosgrove, on their side. But AFT also needs corporate partners to help with marketing programs, grants and sponsorships. Last year, around 100 corporate partners stepped forward to help AFT. Those organizations included Google Inc., Bank of America,CHS, Inc. and New York Community Trust. By helping AFT, corporate partners show they are committed to preserving future farms.

Jerry Cosgrove Makes History with AFT

In 1992, Cosgrove joined the AFT team and witnessed some of the company’s biggest milestones. In 1996, AFT created a national farmland protection program in the Farm Bill. Six years later, AFT gets a financial boast of $600 million from the Farm Bill. By 2005, 27 states and 50-plus local governments had established PACE/PDRprograms. Those programs compensate land owners for restricting how their land is used in the future.

Even after Jerry Cosgrove left AFT, the organization continued to thrive. One million “No Farms No Food” bumper sticks were distributed. The Growing Local program was launched and 30,000 voters participated in America’s Favorite Farmers Market contest. In 2010, businessman Jerry Cosgrove watched AFT mark its 30th anniversary. Expert Jerry Cosgrove can’t wait to see AFT transform more farm families’ lives in the future.

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