Jerry Cosgrove – A Friend To Agriculture

Jerry CosgroveJerry Cosgrove is a passionate agriculturalist raised on a dairy farm. Mr. Cosgrove himself has not been farming there in Clinton, New York, for over 30 years. The farm is owned and being operated by his brother Mike.

Mr. Cosgrove has a deep interest in all aspects of agriculture. He is involved with many organizations. One such organization is the New York Holstein Association. This is where breeders can get together and meet and take part in shows, etc.

Jerry Cosgrove has several favorite passions and causes involving agriculture and some of these are-

• The Hunts Point Controversy
• Helping New Farmers
• Supporting The New World Foundation
• The HVADC (Hudson Valley Agri-Business Development Corporation)
• Land For Good

Agricultural expert Jerry Cosgrove has his hand in many areas related to food and health. Anywhere you go people eat food and drink water. That means their level of water quality and food quality depends heavily on healthy agriculture.

There are proper practices within agriculture that help prevent overuse of chemicals and pesticides. If these things are used, and they often are, they ultimately end up in the food. Cosgrove states that this has a negative impact on everyone no matter where they might live.

He believes there is a true disconnect from city people and farmers. This disassociation leads to people who are not around farms having a limited understanding about agriculture.

This same kind of logic can be carried from the food over to the water. As long as legislators continue to allow industrial farms to cut corners water safety will suffer. When higher profits are put before safety everybody loses. Many rural counties are then forced to issue the dreaded ‘boil water’ alerts.

Mr. Cosgrove says we will never have the ‘perfect’ agricultural system. We will always have issues that need to be addressed. Even though this is true we still have the ability to alleviate many agricultural problems.

Jerry Cosgrove On Agriculture And Its Future:

Mr. Cosgrove states that agriculture is a very fluid industry. It is ever-changing and contains various dynamics. New technologies are being created swiftly in today’s modern world. It affects all areas of our lives.

According to Jerry, the new technologies bring change in many ways. New technology has its purpose and place. However, the old-fashioned knowledge and know-how still have its place as well.

The trick in melding these two worlds together is to have the wisdom to be open-minded. It means knowing when to let go of a traditional wisdom and grab onto new revelation.

The overall basics will always remain. New ideas will come and go. It is the traditional farming knowledge that provides the foundation for innovation and new technologies.

Innovation shows its face in many ways in regard to agriculture. It may come out of new engineering developments. Maybe someone will find a new way to increase productivity.

The agricultural expert Jerry Cosgrove has dedicated his life to agriculture. Jerry Cosgrove’s services have contributed highly to the understanding and advancing of agriculture. With Jerry Cosgrove’s assistance the agricultural industry will advance into the future in a positive way.

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